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July 20, 2020
Category: Oral Health

Aside from delivering balance and harmony to your teeth and face, orthodontic treatment also offers crucial health benefits. These types of treatments do not only give you a beautiful and straight smile but can improve your overall oral health and general well-being as well. Your dentist, Dr. Edward Yates, here at Norwich Aesthetic Dentistry in Norwich CT, plays a crucial role to ensure that you experience the health benefits orthodontics.

In general, orthodontic treatment can align the upper and lower jaws based on the spacing of your teeth. But as stated above, it could likewise provide health benefits such as:

Reduced Risk of Developing Oral Disease With Norwich, CT Orthodontics

With an aligned jaw and teeth, the incidence of oral disease is lowered. This is because the deep crevices that host harmful bacteria in your mouth are minimized. In turn, this limits the production of plaque and potential for tartar, which causes cavities and periodontal disease.

By addressing periodontal disease, you likewise minimize the possibility of swollen, red, or bleeding gums, bad breath, and pain associated with chewing. Lower risk of periodontal disease also limits the possibility of linked diseases like high blood sugar, heart disease, and preterm deliveries.

Fixing Jaw Issues

The importance of ensuring that the bite fits together properly cannot be neglected. Yes, it may allow Norwich, CT Orthodontics to finish faster but it may sacrifice the intended results from the procedure. So straightening the teeth and aligning the jaw bite must still be the focus.

By focusing on the correction of the misaligned teeth, stress on the jaw is alleviated. This minimizes the potential for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). Malocclusion, the misalignment of the teeth, are likewise fixed to improve bite patterns and prevent uneven wearing down of the teeth. This results in stronger teeth that are less prone to breaking off or chipping and translates to less oral infections and lower incidences of tooth extractions.

Prevention of Injuries and Health Risks

Protruding or buck teeth is a common problem especially among young people. If not properly corrected early on, it could result in health risks particularly for children involved in sports. Aside from the high risks during sports activities, the protrusion could also cause improper chewing.

This condition could even prevent children or even adults from properly absorbing the nutrients from the food they eat, which leads to poor digestion and malnutrition. Swallowing larger bites can also be prone to reflux that affects both the tooth enamel and the lining of the stomach.

Norwich, CT Orthodontics come in different types, from conventional braces to newer treatments like Invisalign. Talk to your dentist in Norwich CT to learn which one will suit your needs best.

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