By Norwich Aesthetic Dentistry
June 11, 2018
Category: Dental Procedure
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Tooth PainA few warning signs usually occur before trouble strikes. Your refrigerator makes strange clunking sounds weeks before it breaks down, or the water in the kitchen sink looks rusty before the pipe begins to leak. Your teeth may also send you a few signals that something's not quite right. The warning signs may occur if you need a root canal, a procedure used to treat inflammations and infections in your tooth pulp. Our Norwich, CT, dentist, Dr. Edward Yates, helps patients keep their smiles in good condition with root canals and other dental treatments.

What are root canals?

Root canals are used to remove the pulp in the center of your tooth. Your tooth is thoroughly cleaned after the pulp is removed, including the narrow root canals that extend from the top of your tooth into the roots. Although the bulk of the therapy is completed in the first visit, you'll need to return to your Norwich dentist's office about a week later to replace your temporary filling with a permanent one. Root canals are performed using local anesthetics to ensure that pain isn't an issue.

Do I need a root canal?

If you need a root canal, you may notice a few of these symptoms:

  • A Toothache: Pain in a tooth can be severe if you have an inflammation or infection, but that's not always the case. The pain may be nothing more than an annoyance in the early stages. Whether your pain is mild or severe, it's always a good idea to visit the dentist to determine if your symptoms are caused by a cavity, an inflammation, infection, loose filling, or another issue.
  • Pain at Mealtimes: Have you noticed that your pain gets worse when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages? Pain that occurs with meals can be a sign that you need a root canal. Eating can also be an unpleasant experience if chewing increases your pain.
  • Changes in Your Mouth: You may notice that your tooth or gum looks a little different if you need a root canal. Darkening of your tooth or a swollen, red gum can be root canal warning signs.
  • Dental Abscess Symptoms: Pain accompanied by a fever may be a sign that you have a dental abscess. The bacterial infection can also cause facial swelling, a bump on your gum or swollen lymph nodes. Abscesses require immediate treatment with antibiotics and a root canal.

Protect your smile with root canal therapy. Call our Norwich, CT, dentist, Dr. Yates, at (860) 889-6445 to schedule your appointment.