By Edward C. Yates, D.D.S.
July 29, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canal Therapy  

What tells your Norwich, CT, dentist you need root canal therapy? Experience and excellent diagnostic skills do, but Dr. Edward Yates at Root-CanalNorwich Aesthetic Dentistry relies on your symptoms, too. Read on about this predictable restoration and the reasons why you may need one.


Root canal specifics

First, a root canal is an anatomical part of your tooth. It contains soft innervated tissue and a blood supply and runs down the inside each of up to four roots.

Second, a root canal is a restorative dental procedure. It removes infected, inflamed and dead tooth pulp, replaces it with a biocompatible putty and protects the tooth with a customized porcelain crown.

Third, your dentist performs the entire treatment at Norwich Aesthetic Dentistry in Norwich, CT. He examines and X-rays the tooth in question, and if you need this treatment, he numbs the area around the tooth and drills into the first root canal. Small metal files extract the pulp. The dentist adds antibiotic medication and gutta-percha, a natural substance which is flexible and strong. This process restores each canal.

Fourth, Dr. Yates fits a temporary crown over the tooth. After it heals, he'll replace that restoration with a beautiful and realistic porcelain cap. Your tooth will look and feel brand-new!


Symptoms which indicate the need for one

You likely need a root canal treatment if you:

  • Have a bad toothache (the most common symptom, according to the American Association of Endodontists)
  • A large and deep cavity
  • Multiple fillings which are deteriorating
  • See a deep crack or chip on X-ray or with the naked eye
  • Dental sensitivity or pain when you bite or consume something cold, hot, or sugary
  • Taste drainage coming from a tooth
  • Pimples or sores on the gums near the tooth


You and your tooth

Likely, you can stay together when Dr. Edward Yates helps you with root canal therapy. If you have one or more of these nasty symptoms, please call Norwich Aesthetic Dentistry for a consultation. Get all the specifics, and we're sure you'll choose root canal therapy and save your tooth. Phone for an appointment: (850) 889-6445.